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RELUCTANT GENIUS – Saturday March 25th – Saturday April 8th 2017

Following the sad loss of the wonderful Valerie Davide back in January we have been busy organising our retrospective of her work ‘Reluctant Genius’.

Val was such a unique person and that is reflected in her body of work, she saw mischief and fun where others just saw playful intent and with a stroke of charcoal or a swipe of her putty rubber translated that in to a drawing. She always said that she drew from the child in her and it was so true, there was a childlike innocence to her studies but the eyes always betrayed her secret, behind those seemingly random strokes lay years of experience and expertise. She could portray a dozen different emotions in a pair of eyes or the swish of a tail and that takes real skill. Val has had many imitators but none have come close to her gift for expression or connecting with the viewer, she was the same in life, compassionate and humane.

Over the years we have amassed a lot of her work and this show takes you on a ride through Val’s offbeat artistic career. The show features a veritable menagerie of dogs, pigs, horses, birds, cats the odd nude and a self portrait for good measure. It is a selling exhibition and we will be making donations to St Wilfred’s Hospice in Eastbourne who cared for her and also Dogs for Good who train assistance dogs and do amazing work.

If you are able to come along and help to celebrate Val’s life we’d be delighted to see you, if you were also able to support the charities even better.

We look forward to seeing you.


Valerie David online shop
In a bid to satisfy international interest in Valerie Davide’s work we have established an online shop www.maycontainmutts.com

This website features original drawings, prints as well as our current range of merchandise together with regular news updates.

Of course you can still contact us here at the Gallery to place an order