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Greetings art lovers, we hope you are enjoying our wonderful ‘summer’, yes we know it’s been largely disguised as autumn but it gives us weather obsessed Brits something to talk about!

It’s that time of year when our artists try and escape their studio’s to hit the moors, rivers, harbours and beaches in search of inspiration. Consequently the work appears at the gallery when you least expect it, but boy it’s exciting when it appears. This week’s new addition is ‘Evening, Teignover Bridge’ by Keith Stott, and what a masterpiece! Look at that light! Check out that water, the textures, the colours, the contrasts, a lesson in pastel, well done that man! Keith delivered to the gallery and it went straight in the window, it’s unlikely to stay there long, it has been stopping the traffic.

Since Valerie Davide announced her retirement her work has been flying out of the door with a lot going to the US – well the £ has taken a battering against the $ so we don’t blame them. Our hopes that she may find retirement bone crushingly boring haven’t come to much yet but we live in hope. We are in the throws of producing a new mug with a cat design and the 2017 calendar won’t be long now.

As we’ve started a bit of a trend when it comes to probing the darker recesses of our artists minds recently we thought we’d feature the wonderful and hugely talented Rob Dudley this month. He is truly a multi-talented man, painter, writer, raconteur, is there no end to his talents? Take a couple of minutes out of your day to cheer yourself up reading our chat with him, you won’t be disappointed.

Keith-Stott Evening-Teignover-Bridge
Valerie Davide - original dog Fraser