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Dear art lovers,
Spring is upon us and our thoughts turn to updating things at home, re-decorate, re-vamp, re-invent! It’s also a new tax year so the perfect time to think about investing in some serious art, an option less volatile and not at the mercy of global economy forces. It is possible to see values grow at considerably more than you are able to get in many savings accounts and of course you get the pleasure of living with your chosen picture. Our top tip right now is the work of Mark Demsteader, his work has grown in both popularity and value at an astonishing rate over the last 6 years and we are proud to offer one of his greatest ever paintings.

Mark is no stranger to a celebrity sitter, having collaborated with model Erin O’Connor and actress and style icon Emma Watson in the past. But his latest inspiration has come in the graceful form of Royal Ballet Principal Marianela Nunez. Captivated by her grace and poise she was an obvious candidate as a sitter, her extraordinary physique the apotheosis of an artists’ model.

Argentinian born Marianela is much respected on the international stage; she is regarded as one of the finest dancers of her generation. When Marianela agreed to sit for Mark, it was a great privilege, even for an artist at the peak of his powers. The result was a beautiful collection of paintings, a contemporary mix of traditional Rennaissance colours in rich reds and skin tones emerging from a dark ground. This piece is large and imposing, viewing is highly recommended.

Mark Demsteader - Marianela Nunez in Red I