We are an independent gallery which opened its doors in March 2005 with the aim of representing a small group of predominantly West Country based artists. Our mission was to select the most talented artists in each medium and genre both living and deceased. more...


Hello dear art lovers, are you looking for something to distract you from IN / OUT arguments? Are you heartily sick of hearing politicians speculating about some Euro-Armageddon in June? We are! It’s time to find a distraction, something that won’t cause the economy to crash or our borders to disintegrate, buy a new picture and stare at that instead of the television!

We have some stunning new work in the gallery, from Tony Williams SWAc we have breakers rolling to shore, sun dappled estuaries or heaving Shires ploughing, all brilliant depictions in oil. From Valerie Davide we have Bulldogs, Boston Terriers Spinnoni’s, hares, cats and horses all in her unmistakably eccentric style. We also have two new placemats and coasters, an inquisitive Aussiedoodle and a snoozing cat, they’re too cute for words.

So dear hearts, if you’ve not been to the newly re-opened Totnes for a while then a visit is long overdue, the road has been reverted to its logical traffic flow and access is now easy. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Tony Williams - Rolling to Shore
Valerie Davide - Big Stan