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Well dear art lovers here we go again, whilst nobody likes lockdown we must all do our bit to try and prevent the spread of this awful virus, we don’t want to lose loved ones do we?

Our website is up to date and we will be picking up emails from home, couriers will still be working so we are able to deliver across the UK. For high value items we have specialist art couriers who do a fantastic job – basically although the gallery will be shut we are still open for business.

Business has been brisk since we returned in June and we are guessing that our return in December will see something of a bun fight for all those Christmas gifts! So, don’t leave it until then, as we’ve said we can still supply whatever you want between now and when we re-open so don’t delay, you can call us any time on 07718 319392 or on the landline 01803 865774, we’ll be checking messages a few times a week.

Featured are two wonderful works, Michael Norman’s The Lake at Stover Park and Terence Lee’s Building Wooden Walls a work of painstaking detail with a detailed and fascinating story behind it.

So dear friends, stay safe and don’t forget that we will do all we can to accommodate your requests.

See you soon!

Terence Lee - The Ruse de Guerre
Michael Norman - Lake at Stover Park
Valerie David online shop
In a bid to satisfy international interest in Valerie Davide’s work we have established an online shop www.maycontainmutts.com

This website features original drawings, prints as well as our current range of merchandise together with regular news updates.

Of course you can still contact us here at the Gallery to place an order
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