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As we bake our way through this glorious summer watching our gardens die (or is that just me?) our artists have suffered for their craft sitting in stifling studios sweating over their easels. Ah. However some hardy souls have been productive and the results are stupendous!

Rob Dudley has come up with some stunning new work after a year spent writing and illustrating his book. He took himself off to Aveton Gifford to depict the tidal road at sundown – truly this has to be one of the finest works he’s ever produced, we LOVE it! He’s also captured the rugged rocks at Netton and verdant pastures in the South Hams. The man is a genius and a thoroughly good bloke to boot.

Bob Grimson has also produced a fantastic new work ‘Channel Fog’ in oil, he is a GREAT marine painter, a gift born out of his years spent at sea. Having an understanding of the sea is something you can’t fake, you either know it or you don’t and as Bob has crossed the Atlantic many times and sailed from Venezuela to Nova Scotia he knows it pretty well.

Talking of all things marine we have five stunning new works from James Brereton too, always small but perfectly formed.

If you’ve not called in for a while then it’s time you did, we have some fantastic work right now.

See you soon.

Bob Grimson - Channel Fog
Robert Dudley - Rocks at Netton.jpg
Robert Dudley - Dusk at Aveton Gifford.jpg

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