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So Spring is upon us and new work from our artists is trickling in, most notably from Terence Lee who has spent over six months working on this extraordinary new painting depicting Lord Thomas Cochrane’s vessel ‘Imperieuse’.

It is well documented that Cochrane was an outstanding frigate captain, brave, fearless and innovative, and as always Terence has depicted a scene that has interesting historical importance.  The scene is set in 1808 and features Cochrane’s ‘Imperieuse together with HMS Spartan under the command of another able captain, Jahleel Brenton,  standing off the Gulf of Foz off the Rhone estuary.  They were tasked with assisting the Spanish against the French forces under the command of General Duhesme whose troops were garrisoned in the besieged citadel in Barcelona.

To this end  over the next fourteen months Cochrane destroyed sections of the coastal road forcing the French supply convoys to  use longer internal routes where they were subjected to attacks by Spanish guerrilla units.  Cochrane also noted the presence of a chain of semaphore signalling stations situated along the coast and systematically destroyed them, one of his achievements that lead to Napoleon referring to him as ‘le loup des mers’ – The Sea Wolf.

Terence’s knowledge of the Napoleonic era and the its notable captains and vessels is encyclopaedic and his attention to detail and accuracy is the reason that he is being referred to as ‘the new John Chancellor’, an honour he richly deserves.

On a more local and contemporary level, gallery pastellist Keith Stott SWAc has been back to his favourite stamping ground – Glazebrook and captured this immensely fresh and verdant scene. Bathed in dappled sunlight you can almost hear the wildlife foraging in the undergrowth and the stream bubbling a path through the mossy boulders, just glorious.

We are also expecting more work from Mark Demsteader shortly so keep an eye on the website. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Terence Lee - Cochrane’s Coastal Raids
Keith Stott - Peaceful Glazebrook

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