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Dear Art lovers


Opening Saturday  May 22nd 2021

We are fizzing with excitement at the impending opening of our long awaited two man exhibition here at the gallery opening Saturday May 22nd, 10am – 4pm.  It features the work of two veterans of their craft, Robert Dudley who has been working in oil as well as his traditional watercolour – and David Norman whose light bathed watercolours of scenes near and far are so collectable.

The last lockdown gave them both an opportunity to hole up in their studios and really work on a stellar collection of 10 new works each. To our existing collectors they need no introduction and to be honest their work speaks for itself, they are both at the top of their game with years of experience to draw upon.  We feel extremely fortunate to represent two such talented West Country painters who will both be here on the 22nd if you wished to meet the creators of such sublime work.

The collection takes you on a tour of the Devon coast, its lesser known beaches fringed by rugged cliffs, hidden coves that sparkle and shimmer, wet sand reflecting a cloud scattered sky, it’s all there.  It is a celebration of all that we should be so proud of in our county and beyond.

All are welcome so come along, enjoy a glass of wine and give your senses a treat, you might even wish to treat yourself – and why not we all deserve a bit of a lift.

See  you soon, the show will run until the middle of June.

Please note our new opening times of Tuesday – Saturday 10am-4pm or otherwise by appointment.

All the best
Sharon Davidson

Robert Dudley - Ahymer to Burgh
David Norman - Abandoned at Dittisham Mill Creek
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