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Dear art lovers

Well we can finally announce our 18th Anniversary Show is ON!!

Our two gallery favourites, watercolourist David Norman SWAc and Rob Dudley SWAc who is currently working in oil, have both excelled themselves with a collection of outstanding new works.

Rob takes us on a journey of vicarious discovery along the South West coastal path taking us to hidden coves where the sun dances on breaking waves. Sheer cliff faces make you take a step back, such is his ability to take the viewer to the spot to soak up the view that inspired him.

We are led on the wings of an invisible bird to Rob’s favourite locations in Devon, Cornwall and the stunning coast of Pembrokeshire. Few artists capture light, landscape and sea with such ability, these works will literally bring sunshine in to your home. Since turning to oil after decades of working in watercolour Rob has rediscovered his love for his art and has fast become one of its finest exponents in the South West.

David is a veteran of his craft, from his early days as an architectural illustrator working in London, David’s ethereal watercolours bring soft light and reawaken memories to anyone that has visited the locations he depicts. Whether it is classic sail trawlers moored in Dartmouth or the bustling Grand Canal in Venice he transports you to the lively chatter of piazza’s and the gastronomic smells that waft from French bistro’s.

We also have new works from marine painter Bob Grimson whose blustery scenes of merchant vessels cutting through choppy seas belie his life long association with sailing.

Team all this with 5 new works from St Ives based painter Mark Poprawski, whose dramatic skyscapes are always in demand, and you have a barn storming show!

Our opening day is Saturday April 22nd, Rob Dudley and David Norman will both be here to meet you and there will be goodly amounts of wine so come along and give all your senses a treat.

We look forward to welcoming you.

All the very best
Sharon Davidson

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