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Well 2018 is upon us and with the new year come new beginnings, among them the arrival of a new artist, St Ives based Mark Poprawski, a man with immense experience and talent. Born in Bedfordshire and trained at Norwich Mark has built his reputation on his ability to capture the energy and drama of open skies, in his words ‘The presence and absence of light is the most fundamental concept behind all my paintings’. Working in oil Mark’s work is rich, robust, indulgent and provokes an emotional response as our skies are so much bigger than our presence beneath them.

Cornwall, especially the north coast, is perhaps blessed with the most pertinent natural resources for an artist than anywhere else on our shores. That raw north light combined with huge vistas, rugged coastline and myriad colours and contours are an ever changing spectacle. Mark has carved out a successful career capturing these scenes and we are very proud to welcome him to our gallery.

Additionally we have new work from James Brereton and we’ve just come across half a dozen charcoal drawings by Valerie Davide that had been languishing in a darkened corner of our stock room. A year since her passing her work continues to spread happiness across the world.

Come and visit the gallery to brighten these grey days.

Mark Poprawski - Message
Mark Poprawski - Advent
Mark Poprawski - Precaution

Valerie David online shop
In a bid to satisfy international interest in Valerie Davide’s work we have established an online shop www.maycontainmutts.com

This website features original drawings, prints as well as our current range of merchandise together with regular news updates.

Of course you can still contact us here at the Gallery to place an order