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Dear art lovers

We hope you are enjoying summer and are able to come and visit beautiful Devon, and us of course!

We have recently sourced two wonderful John Chancellor (1925-1984) original paintings. John is revered for his understanding of the sea having spent 40 years working on merchant vessels all over the world including owning his own hydrographic survey vessel The Exact.

John's artistic career was cut short by his untimely death at the age of 59. Having taken some persuading to come ashore to progress his painting, he produced just 150 pictures during the 13 years he committed to his art, roughly 75 oils and 75 watercolours. John was never going to be prolific, he spent too much time researching and in the execution of each work, he was a stickler for detail in every aspect of his painting. Whilst this frustrated those eager to buy a piece of his work, it meant that each collector fortunate enough to secure one became custodians of a masterpiece.

So here we have a stunning oil 'Fishing Boat out of Brixham' featuring a Brixham mule in a heavy sea off Start Point, a notoriously tricky stretch of water. She is handing the conditions well in the hands of experienced trawlermen but the heaving swell and blustery conditions have been captured in a way only a man with a true understanding of the sea is able.

The watercolour is again, John at his best, what he achieves in this difficult medium is outstanding.

It features one of the fine French Grand Bank barquentines beating across the Atlantic bound for the Newfounland Banks.

They carried about thirty open Dories aboard. Once on the Banks these boats ‘long lined’ for cod which was then salted down aboard the mother ship.

When the ice cleared, many of these vessels would go north to Greenland banks to complete their season. They would fish until the ship was full and then return home having been away for six or seven months. This practice continued until the mid 1960's. It really does depict a bit of maritime history, it is hard to imagine how hard the conditions would have been or how potentially hazardous.

Both these pieces are available to view in the gallery, we can't stress enough what a feast they are for those of you that sail or just appreciate great marine painting.

All the very best
Sharon Davidson

John Chancellor - A-Fishing-Boat-out-of-Brixham
John Chancellor - Punching-Westward
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