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As summer approaches we have a new spring in our step, the days are longer, we’ve seen a bit of the sun and we all feel a bit more bouncy. We have been busy and that is reflected in some wonderful new paintings arriving at Davidson Towers.

The hugely gifted king of moody skies Mark Poprawski has just produced a new collection of 7 works for us and we think they are just extraordinary. He has combined a range of moods in earthy Turneresque tones with some beautifully dramatic scenes in every blue imaginable, they really are exquisite. In addition we are able to offer diminutive to large and imposing with prices to match, they really need to be seen to be appreciated.

Our naval historian and painter of all things Napoleonic, Terence Lee has also spent the last 6 months at the easel working on one of his most challenging paintings to date ‘The Final Farewell’. It’s execution has been a pain-staking experience for him but the results speak for themselves, it is a pictorial rendition of a fascinating story which is detailed in his accompanying artists notes. Featuring probably our navy’s most famous vessel under the command of our most famous Admiral before the most famous naval battle in history, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Please take the time to check out their pages, these are some of the most gifted painters in the West Country and we are very proud to represent them. See you soon.

Mark Poprawski - Eclipse
Mark Poprawski - Deliverance
Terence Lee - Final Farewell

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