Mark Poprawski

Mark Poprawski - biography...

Mark’s work is notable for his ability to capture and create atmosphere.

Home is St Ives on the north Cornish coast where huge Atlantic skies meet some of the most spectacular coast lines in the British Isles. For an artist it is a never ending, ever changing source of inspiration.

The subtle nuances of light in his work create very emotional canvasses and the large scale pieces are truly spectacular.

Mark uses a lot of paint in his work, glazing layer upon layer which makes for such brilliant use of colour, he makes it look very easy, it isn’t.

His is widely collected and beloved by those that want a picture to make a statement without being overbearing.

Mark Poprawski - Ambience

Oil on board
60cm x 60cm

Mark Poprawski - Reverie

Oil on board
30cm x 40cm

Mark Poprawski - Reconcile

Oil on booard
22cm x 60cm

Mark Poprawski - Evocation

Oil on box canvas
100cm x 100cm

Mark Poprawski - Vigil

Oil on box canvas
100cm x 100cm

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