Bob Grimson

Bob Grimson - biography...

Bob has led the most interesting life with a love of boats and fast cars! He has sailed all his life and indeed has built his Ketch from scratch which he crossed the Atlantic in and has completed the not inconsiderable voyage from Venezuela to Nova Scotia. His understanding of the sea is absolute and is something you can’t fake which makes his marine painting so technically correct but also capture the movement of the sea and the freshness of a blustery day.

Trawlers in Torbay
Bob grimson - Trawlers in Torbay

Original Oil on Board
BM247 ‘The Elise May’ built in 1906 and recorded as lost in a collision in 1926, a fate all too common for these engine-less trawlers.
The scene depicts an impromptu race going on as the breakwater nears.
Canvas size : 16" x 20"

Bob grimson - Timaru
Oil on Canvas
Canvas size : 24" x 20"
The Barquentine Waterwitch
Bob grimson - The Barquentine Waterwitch

Original oil on canvas
Canvas size : 20” x 30”

Shortening Down
Bob grimson - Shortening Down

Original oil on Canvas board
Canvas size : 14” x 18”