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John Chancellor was considered the finest marine painter of his generation; he completed only 150 works (half oil, half watercolour) from his Brixham studio during his 13 year career as a professional painter before his untimely death aged just 59.

His work falls in to two distinct categories, his beloved merchant vessels featuring Schooners, Barquentines, Trawlers and Barges; and the naval engagements of the Napoleonic era. The latter works, large in scale and content, are his most important and sought after. John’s fascination with these battles led him to acquaint himself with their historical relevance to an academic degree, in a nutshell, his knowledge was encyclopaedic. It was not unusual for John to spend as long on his research as in the execution of the painting, frequently many months. The resulting paintings are accurate snap shots of history with every detail true, from the ships rigging to the weather and sea state.

‘In Pursuit of Virginie’

On the morning of 20th April 1796, off the Lizard, a squadron of frigates under Sir Edward Pellew in Indefatigable sighted a strange sail and the Indefatigable, Amazon and Concord set course by S in chase.

The spirited, two hour action which took place 15 hours later was not particularly significant, as the odds were so heavily weighed against the enemy, but the chase was one of the most exciting in naval history.

The painting shows the situation at about 6.45pm. The race has been on for 8 ½ hours and the excitement is mounting. Although there is not much swell yet, the wind is now Force 6 and Indefatigable , with every stitch set, is leaving her consorts astern. Making a good 12-knots, she is slowly gaining on the Frenchman. Seamen can be seen on deck and aloft tending and improvising her gear to keep all sails drawing full. Hammocks are being stowed in the netting and with a thought to old England and a bit of prize money, everything is ready for action!

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