Mark Demsteader

Mark Demsteader Mark Demsteader was born in Manchester in 1963 and still lives and works there. He studied at Rochdale College, Oldham Art College and The Slade. His awards include The Public Eye Award, The Lyceum Prize and The Sidney Andrews Scholarship.

Mark's work has developed from a fascination with the human form and an obsession with classical themes. These pre-occupations can be seen in recent paintings where his close observation combines with surface texture and carefully balanced compositions to create a beautiful and powerful representation of the figure, often in renderings of just black and white paint. He favours absorbent, handmade Indian paper called Khadi as the natural ingredients in it such as grasses and leaves add another element to the finished drawing.

His paintings are about movement, dynamism and expression; he believes that a drawing that is tight and overworked is be avoided at all costs. He loves the accidental marks that occur. He will mix pastel and water and often has a hairdryer to hand to dry the results. Mark likes to have space to move about in when he is working, for that reason, he rents space in an old mill to use as a studio, he makes too much mess to make working at home possible.

Mark's paintings feature in many important collections, and current demand for his work reflects his growing reputation.

His recent exhibitions across the United Kingdom have served to establish him as one of today's outstanding talents.

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