Alex Movchun

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Alex Movchun was born on March, 27st, 1988 in Ukraine. He has been into painting since the very early childhood. Upon obtaining a degree in architecture and working a few years in that sphere, in 2015 he made a momentous decision which would change his life dramatically. He quit the job and devoted himself to oil painting. “My life got divided into ‘before’ and ‘after’. And the life ‘after’ was exactly what I’ve always been dreaming about.”

At that time, thanks to the book by Carol Marine, he got fascinated by the daily painting movement and found himself completely immersed into art. Soon after he would organize his first exhibitions and run workshops.

At this stage, his main area of work is pet portraits. Having said that, Alex sometimes enjoys painting in different genres (still life, portrait, landscape) for a change.

“Every pet is unique. Just look in their eyes, and you’ll see the whole story of life in there! Capturing this, and then trying to convey on canvas - this is my main goal as an artist."

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