Gary long

Gary long - biography...

Gary has forged a long and successful career on both sides of the Atlantic, there isn’t much this artist can’t depict and in many styles. These days he lives and works in West Cornwall and is a master of capturing the huge skies and wild and rugged coastline on his doorstep. In addition his figurative work is much sought after by clients worldwide. Using a rich palette with subtlety yet in a contemporary style his work is especially sought after by those with an eye on design.

Shining Wave - Porthgwidden
Gary Long - Shining Wave - Porthgwidden.

Oil on Canvas
Canvas size ; 12" x 16"
Framed size : 21" x 24"

The Headland
Gary long - The-Headland

Oil on Canvas
Painting size : 9” x 12”
Framed size : 17.75” x 20.25”

Gary long - Peonies

Oil on Canvas
Painting size : 19.75” x 15.75”
Framed size : 28.25” x 24”

Red Tulips
Gary long - Red Tulips

Oil on Canvas
Painting size : 12” x 12”
Framed size : 20.752 20.25”

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